Middle East Directions
Libyan Social Dialogue
(since January 2017)

Building on the previous Directions initiative (2015-2016), the MEDirections team is now collaborating with the Peacemakers to work with constituencies across Libya to build a broad consensus around common rules and values. This will provide a foundation on the basis of which national and local peace agreements can be embedded at the social level.

In order to support these efforts, the project will work closely with local analysts to better understand some of the major dynamics that are key to building social peace and restoring stability.




(September 2013-December 2016)

Directions was an initiative developed in partnership between the European University Institute and the Norwegian Center for Conflict Resolution (NOREF) which focused on social dynamics and transformations in post-Qaddafi Libya. It consisted of two tracks, a research and analysis track based on fieldwork in Libya, and a second track providing support and facilitation to a dialogue project designed by the Peacemakers, a group of Libyan community activists. This second track sought to promote social reconciliation between communities across the country.